Collection: Custom Skinz Dual Suspension MTB | EMTB | Hardtail | Steel MTB

Introducing the Clear Skinz self-healing bike frame protection film! Get a strong and durable defence for your frame that is both invisible and off-road capable. Enjoy worry-free rides knowing even the toughest trails won't destroy your frame's finish. Push boundaries without risk and experience off-roading like never before - what adventure will you explore today?

Bike & Brand Specific kits for your make, model and size. Clear Skinz Custom Skinz Kits offer complete protection covering up to 95% of your bike's frame and fork.

Custom Skinz Kits coverage offers kits that fit tightly with strategically placed narrow seams. In addition, Clear Skinz protection film is superhydrophobic and self-healing and ensures your factory paint job is safe from stone chips, cable rash, heel rub, scrapes, and scratches.

This bike frame protection film is remarkably self-healing, remaining virtually invisible while providing exceptional durability.

Custom Clear Skinz are designed to fit:

  • Dual Suspension MTB.
  • Dual Suspension EMTB.
  • Hardtail MTB.
  • Steel MTB.

Custom Skinz Kits are Only Available for In-Store Installation and Cannot be Purchased Online!

Manufactured in Australia

Clear Bike Frame Protection