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MTB Frame Protection

Frame Protection Kits

Bike owners beware! Without frame protection film, your bike is vulnerable to major problems that can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated. Don't let the disappointment of discovering unsightly scratches and chips on your beloved bike bring you down. These damages can even weaken the frame and lead to catastrophic structural damage.

The nightmare doesn't end there. The accumulated dirt and grime in the damaged areas can make cleaning and maintaining your bike a constant uphill battle, leaving you feeling disillusioned with your once-prized possession.

But wait! There's a solution to this nightmare scenario. Invest in high-quality protective film to protect your bike from scratches, chips, and other damages. Not only does it protect your bike's appearance and structural integrity, but it also makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Ride worry-free, knowing your bike is always looking and performing its best. Don't let scratches and chips hold you back from enjoying your bike to the fullest - get your frame wrapped now!

Don't Let Your Bike Suffer! Shield It with Clear Skinz Bike Protection and
Savor Worry-Free Rides!

MTB Frame Protection Kits

Preserve Your Pride and Joy

Keep your bike looking new for longer and feel proud of your investment every time you ride

Gravel Bike Frame  Protection

Ride with Confidence

Protect your bike from wear and tear, ensuring it remains durable and reliable no matter the terrain or weather conditions

Road Bike  Frame Protection

Show Your Style

Make a statement and show your bike some love with a custom clear protective wrap that lets your passion shine through. Stand out from the crowd and ride with pride.

Customer Reviews
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5 star rating

Clear-skinz on my Giant Revolt

Clear-skinz on my Giant Revolt. Very happy with the quality of the product and installation. A few days notice was all that was needed. If you're in Perth I'd definately recommend saving yourself the time and getting it installed by the professionals.

Ryne G

5 star rating

Clear Skinz for the win!

The team at Clear Skinz are very helpful and easily answered any questions I had and they professionally installed their product to my mountain bike in a way that amazed me, I have a matte finish 2021 Scott Genius E-MTB and I love the way their product


5 star rating

Excellent service

Excellent service. I called to enquire about a product on behalf of my brother in the UK. Within hours of placing my order, it had been cut and mailed. We received it within 2 working days.


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