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Clear Skinz

Base Skinz Kit Dual Suspension MTB | EMTB | Hardtail | Steel MTB

Base Skinz Kit Dual Suspension MTB | EMTB | Hardtail | Steel MTB

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Attention, fellow bike enthusiasts! Prepare to be astounded by a breakthrough product that will forever transform the way you protect your beloved MTB/EMTB and Dual Suspension frames. Brace yourselves for the extraordinary Base Skinz Kit! This game-changing innovation is designed to fit most frames in its class flawlessly, delivering the key to shielding your bike frame from the perils of rock-induced paint chips. Say goodbye to worries and welcome the ease and convenience of Frame Protection Film!

Picture this: you're out on a daring mountain biking adventure, conquering treacherous trails and immersing yourself in the thrill of the ride. But wait, what's that menacing sound? Oh no, it's those dreaded rocks and stones threatening to wreak havoc on your precious bike frame! Fear not, for the Base Skinz Kit is here to rescue your ride from potential disaster.

Designed with meticulous precision, this revolutionary kit embraces your MTB/EMTB or Dual Suspension frame like a second skin, shielding it against accidental damage caused by those annoying projectiles. No longer will you have to endure the anguish of unsightly paint chips tarnishing the beauty of your bike. The Frame Protection Film serves as a guardian, repelling rock-induced chips and preserving the pristine appearance of your trusty steed.

But wait, there's more! Not only does the Base Skinz Kit provide unparalleled protection, but it also offers unparalleled ease of use. Gone are the days of messy touch-up paint or expensive repairs. This kit empowers you to take control of safeguarding your bike frame effortlessly. With a simple application of the Frame Protection Film, your bike transforms into an invincible force, immune to the stone's perilous onslaught.

Let's delve into the myriad benefits of this groundbreaking product:

1. Unmatched Defense: The Base Skinz Kit ensures that your MTB/EMTB or Dual Suspension frame remains unscathed, shielding it from the malicious attacks of rocks and stones. It's like a suit of armour for your prized bike!

2. Effortless Application: Bid farewell to complex installation processes or the need for professional assistance. With this kit, applying the Frame Protection Film is a breeze, enabling you to safeguard your bike frame with minimal effort.

3. Cost-Effective Solution: Rather than splurging on costly repairs or repainting your entire bike frame, invest in the Base Skinz Kit for long-lasting protection. It's a savvy financial decision that keeps your bike looking impeccable without straining your budget.

4. Versatility at Its Finest: Tailored to fit most frames in the MTB/EMTB and Dual Suspension category, this kit caters to a wide range of bike models. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual rider, the Base Skinz Kit has got you covered.

So there you have it, my fellow riders! The Base Skinz Kit, equipped with the remarkable Frame Protection Film, is the pinnacle of innovation in bike frame protection. Shield your frame, ride with confidence, and revel in the knowledge that your trusty companion is safeguarded from the perils of rock-induced paint chips. Don't allow these chips to dull your biking adventures; seize the Base Skinz Kit today and embark on a journey of ultimate bike protection like never before!


Transparent clear high gloss or matte finish helps you to prevent damage from scuffs, scratches and chips - Immediately. For more, check out the Video👇


PPF is usually made of urethane. Many people think that PPF is simply a clear vinyl wrap when in fact, they are completely different products. PPF is clear and incredibly lightweight, so when it's applied to your bike, you won't even notice it. Urethane has some unique properties. It's a polymer with incredible elasticity, giving it that self- healing benefit.

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Manufactured in Australia

Using the finest premium grade PPF to protect the bike's frame and paintwork.

installing frame protection film

DIY installation

The DIY installation allows you to install Frame Protection Film kits and includes a FREE application squeegee, layout diagram, downloadable PDF guide and online training videos - For easy installation


Kits have been designed for easy DIY installation and provide you with the ability to install it yourself; just like the a PRO, the easy way.

down tube frame protection


Invisible self-healing film allows you to have adequate protection to stop unsightly damage ... faster and easier than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Clear Skinz Made?

  • Designed and manufactured in Perth Western Australia, using the finest quality PPF to protect the bike's frame and paintwork.

What is Clear Skinz?

  • PPF is usually made of polyurethane.
  • Many people think that PPF is simply a clear vinyl wrap when in fact, they are completely different products.
  • PPF is clear and incredibly lightweight, so when it's applied to your bike, you won't even notice it. Polyurethane has some unique properties.
  • It's a polymer with incredible elasticity, giving it that self- healing benefit.

Where could I get this kit installed?

  • If you not confidence about installing Clear Skinz kits, we can install the kit for you; contact us if you are in the Perth metro area in Western Australia. Suppose you are anywhere else, I recommend contacting your local company specialising in vehicle PPF installation. They would be more than happy to install it for a small fee.

Will Clear Skinz protection fix my cracked frame?

  • No. Unfortunately, Clear Skinz protection will not fix your cracked frame.
  • Instead, we recommend following the frame manufacturer’s warranty or crash replacement guidelines.

Can I wrap a used bicycle?

  • You sure can! Wrapping a used bicycle can bring it back to life. Clear Skinz diminishes scuffs and swirls to return the original factory finish on matte and gloss paint.
  • Make sure to Wash before you Wrap for the best installation experience.
  • In addition, to refinishing the paint, Clear Skinz will protect your used bike from future mishaps that could harm your frame.
  • Read about all the benefits of wrapping a used bike.

Will Clear-Skinz film make my bike heaver?

  • Clear Skinz gravel bike protection kits protect gravel bikes from repetitive movement and rubbing damage by putting a barrier between the factory paint finish of your frame and the elements encountered on gravel rides.
  • The spray of dirt and grime off a damp dirt road can cake your bike in a cement-like coating that is difficult to clean off.
  • The hydrophobic characteristics of Clear Skinz protective film help minimize the dirt sticking to your frame and makes it easier to clean off post-ride.

Can I race with Clear Skinz on my bike?

  • You sure can. Racing with your bike wrapped may even give you an extra advantage.
  • With Clear Skinz, you don’t have to worry about damaging your bike while pushing your limits on course, giving you extra confidence to go that much faster.